Very informative talk by S.Anwar

The most appropriate presentation organized by Namma Arcot Road at the Arcot Road  neighborhood to celebrate Madras Day.

A crowd of around 30 people listened with rapt attention as S.Anwar highlighted the many social and cultural contributions by the Nawabs of Arcot to the city of Madras. It was delightful to hear the secular practices of the Nawabs and the influences they had on the architecture, education and ofcourse, the British rule. Here are a few pictures.

 Day Talk - Nawabs of Arcot

Day Talk – Nawabs of Arcot

 Day Talk - Nawabs of Arcot

Day Talk – Nawabs of Arcot

 Day Talk - Nawabs of Arcot

Day Talk – Nawabs of Arcot

 Day Talk - Nawabs of Arcot

Day Talk – Nawabs of Arcot

We wish to thank Namma Veedu Vasantha Bhavan for providing the space for the event.

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Madras Day Event: The Nawabs of Arcot

Namma Arcot Road presents ‘The Nawabs of Arcot ‘-a talk by S. Anwar, photographer and heritage enthusiast who  researches the Islamic history of this region.
Venue: Namma Veedu Vasantha Bhavan, 100 Feet Road, Vadapalani
(On the way to koyambedu opp Ambika Empire Hotel)
Date- 21 August 2013
No registration required.
Nawabs of Arcot

Nawabs of Arcot

The Nawabs of Arcot who came to represent the Mughals in this part of the region, were a major factor in the shaping of the political history of southern India in the 18th Century. Their rise and fall coincided with the declining fortunes of the Mughals, as well as the rise of the colonial powers. Caught between the need to uphold an oriental way of governance or Rajdharma and at the same time fight for their own survival with an increasingly assertive and greedy (East India) Company, it was an uneven battle.
The talk will look at this crucial period in Indian history, and also focus on the significant social and cultural contribution made by the Nawabs of Arcot to the city and the region.
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First Anniversary!!

Namma Arcot Road completed their first anniversary on 29, October 2011 with a thank you to some of our staunch supporters. On the last saturday evening of October 2011, we had invited some of our supporters and well wishers for tea at Green Park Hotel, Arcot Road. We are extremely grateful to one and all for their time, space, help and good wishes.

Thank you!

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Madras Day at Green Park

Namma Arcot Road organised Madras Day celebrations at Hotel Green Park on August 27. The response like in previous years, was quite overwhelming and encouraging. Some travelled long distances to reach the venue, staying on till the end of the program.

Madras Day at Green Park

Firstly, the students of Spring and Zoom presented ‘Madras: Then and Now’, a combination of a lecture cum theatrical presentation of certain aspects of Chennai that has changed with time – the streets, the games children play and of course music & dance.

Then the talks by Chithra Madhavan and Pradeep Chakravarthy were not only attended by the Madras Day regulars  but also by first timers who were pleasantly surprised at how much they enjoyed a lecture demonstration.

Chithra Madhavan-Madras Day

Chithra Madhavan’s presentation was ‘Lesser known temples of Chennai – some more’ a thoroughly researched presentation. With pictures, Chitra talked about some of the  neglected old temples, with inscriptions scraped away and gaudy paint plastered over. She made the audience realise the importance of renovating temples without destroying old inscriptions and sculptures for much of old history can be learned only from them.

Chithra  has published five books – History and Culture of Tamil Nadu (in two volumes) and Vishnu Temples ofSouth India(in three volumes). She has also co-edited a book South India Heritage which contains 500 articles on various aspects ofSouth India’s heritage and culture.

Pradeep Chakravarthy at Madras DayPradeep Chakravarthy made a case for how ‘Kodambakkam (Puliyur) was the centre ofMadras’. He took a look at how Madras was organised geographically in the 9th-12th centuries, what were the troublesome local governance issues and how they were resolved. There is very little about Puliyur in the public domain and Pradeep suggested there was a lot that needs to be researched.

Pradeep has two books to his credit – on Thanjavur and the Vahanas. A student of KFI and a graduate from Madras Christian College, Jawaharlal Nehru University and the London School of Economics, he is an executive coach for senior leaders in Infosys Technologies. His articles appear frequently in The Hindu and Business Line.

Book&, the online book rental service of Chennai put up a stall for books based on Madras, its history and culture.

Book&borrow at Green Park

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Madras Day Celebrations!

August is the month of Madras Day (August 22)  celebrations. Conceptualised by  the city’s famed historian, S. Muthiah, journalist Sashi Nair and publisher Vincent D’ Souza, Madras Day focuses on the past and the present of our beloved city. These three gentlemen are also instrumental in the formation of Namma Arcot Road initiative and have encouraged and helped us at every step.

As part of the Madras Week (August 21 to 28) celebrations, Namma Arcot Road wishes to invite all for talks on Kodambakkam and Chennai.

Date: 27 August 2011

Venue: Green Park Hotel, Arcot Road

Time: 6 pm
Talk by Dr.Chithra Madhavan – Lesser known temples of Chennai

Time: 7 pm
Talk by Pradeep Chakravarthy- Kodambakkam is the centre of Madras
A look at how Madras was organised geographically in the 9th-12th centuries, what some troublesome local governance issues were and how they were resolved.

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Super Success on Green Awareness Day!

The Green Awareness Day kickstarted with an award winning documentary named “Mahua Memoirs”. This documentary deals with the mining industry flourishing in the region of Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand at the cost of tribal communities. It evoked numerous emotions among the audience including amazement at the tribals’ love for the trees, flowers and fruits and how intelligently they lived on them most of the time.

The eco bazaar turned out to be a mini mela. There was a wide variety of eco products on display by various entrepreneurs and small scale businesses. Murali of ‘Mylapore’s Sunday Shandy’ peeled and dished out dices of sweet organic mango bits for the visitors to taste. “Farm mangoes may not look shiny yellow, but even the dullest looking ones are the greatest in taste”, he emphasised. The visitors seconded his views and bought kilos of mangoes.

The cute table top and indoor plants were displayed by Harith Tharang of T Nagar. The wide range of table top jewel plants in amazingly beautiful pots were awesome. They needed less of water and can even survice air conditioned atmosphere, the managers said.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mullaivanam who runs Tree Bank of India, brought in dozens of flowering plant saplings giving visitors free saplings to be planted at their homes. Youngsters from the neighbourhood, Shika and Sonu brought in homemade sponge cakes that
are devoid of chemical enhancers, that attracted the visitors.

There were stalls exhibiting the products made by DS Special Children Welfare Association of Virugambakkam and with areca plates, hand knitted cotton towels, eco friendly bags, diyas, mats and more.

Jungle jewels, as the name implies, had a vibrant array of jewellery made out of seeds and nature products. This evoked enthusiasm among the young people, who had keen interest to buy them.

Pon Ravichandran, who runs Alwarpet based Green Tree Homes and Ventures sponsored 50 T Shirts, that were put on sale at the campaign. The proceeds was used to gather funds for Namma Arcot Road projects.

Greenica Organic Store of Virugambakkam, run by Radha Masilamani had products like pulses, grains like brown rice, hand pound rice, oil and many more.

Amway stalls exhibited the variety of organic cleaning agents that are soft on skin and
machines, and on the soil.

Shobha Menon ,a  managing trustee of Nizhal gave a brief talk on  how we could  promote tree culture in urban areas,  create awareness of the role of trees, plant the right kind of trees and also stressed on the most important part- caring for trees, through collaborative efforts.She also spoke on “Free the Tree” Campaigns (FTCs). Nizhal is looking for volunteers from this side of the city who could  participate in
various aspects of  greening of this area, hold talks to sensitize residents, actively
plant indigenous saplings, conduct tree surveys and participate in tree walks.The members of  Nizhal  are available to assist in the green endeavours and facilitate programs.All that it requires is commitment and a couple of hours in a week.

A.M  Malathi  gave a powerpoint presentation and lecture on organic agriculture,terrace-farming and waste management,citing practical examples from her very own experience.She shared tips on growing a beautiful kitchen garden that may bestow upon us all the vegetables and fruits that could be easily grown albeit a little effort on our part. Preparing compost using ‘Kambha’-a garbage disposal pot was the main highlight of her lecture.She also fine tuned the audience’s knowledge on different ways of making the soil more fertile for plant growth. Reducing, Reusing and Recycling waste were the underlying principles that she stressed on.

Namma Arcot Road is extremely grateful to L.V.Prasad Studio and Academy for providing the venue, facilities and documentary ‘Mahua Memoirs’.

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Namma Arcot Road is going GREEN in June!!!

Namma Arcot Road: Green Awareness Day

Make and bring to the venue a poster, banner, t-shirt etc. on the topic “THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY AND GO GREEN.” Prize will be awarded for the best handmade project.

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Green Awareness Day!

We are back!

Namma Arcot Road is extremely proud to celebrate Green Awareness Day.  This event will focus on surprisingly simple ways to help us make our work spaces and homes healthier places to be in and protect the earth.

Includes lecture demonstration and screening of documentary called Mahua Memoirs which is a movie on the tribals of Chhattisgarh and their environment.

Emphasis on planting and preserving the right tree and plants for both indoors and outdoors, urban gardening in small flats and backyards and easy recycling. Also on display/sale will be eco-friendly products and plants.

Make and bring to the venue a poster, banner, t-shirt etc. on the topic “THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY AND GO GREEN”. Prize will be awarded for the best handmade project.

Date: Saturday 25 June 2011

Time: 3 t0 6pm

Venue: L.V.Prasad Studio and Academy, Saligramam

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The Women’s Fest organised by Namma Arcot Road in association with Green Park Hotel, Vadapalani, was a fantastic hit! Namma Arcot Road hoped to celebrate the month of March for the cause and empowerment of Women, as it completes six months.

The atmosphere was charged with excitement as close to 100 people, women from all age groups gathered at the hall in the Green Park Hotel. Dressed to kill, energy to spend and a determination to let their hair down should rightfully describe visitors are they arrived from places as far as R A Puram, Velachery, Royapettah and more.

A series of party games and fun had been lined up for them.

Famous story teller Jeeva Raghunath steered the three hour long show with her thunderous voice laced with impromptu humour and stories, in her own rocking style. Jeeva with her captivating emcee skills, prompted the women to open up and speak their minds out.

The contests like Four Corners, What’s in the Purse, Passing the Parcel, Minute to Win It were played with great enthusiasm. There were dancing, singing, mono acting, dialogues to narrate, as women readily came up to showcase their talents in One Minute Fame.

The ramp walk brought the ladies up the stage in style with attitude and confidence.

Naihaa, the brand which understands what women want, sponsored gifts for the winners in various contests.

The children accompanying the women were much entertained as their pretty moms engaged in revelry.

The grand finale was energetic dancing and brisk hip movements by the women to the tunes blaring ad peppy music.

Green Park Hotel treated them to a high tea with a bounty of snacks.

The profit from the collection proceeds was donated for part funding the projects of K K Nagar based Arvind Foundation, that works with special children.

Do check our Facebook Page for more photos!

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WOMEN’S FEST at Green Park!

Namma Arcot Road in Association with Green Park presents WOMEN’S FEST!

Ladies, it is time to pamper ourselves and party! The Namma Arcot Road initiative, invites women to an evening of party games and fun. Come with your friends, sister, daughter, mother or mother-in-law.

Prizes sponsored by Naihaa, “a brand which understand what women want”. Also a special prize for the best dressed woman!

Let’s dress in our best and have some fun!

Date: March 27, Sunday.

Time: 6.30 pm

Venue: Green Park Hotel, Vadapalani.

Donor passes of Rs 50 in aide of Arvind Foundation, the charitable organization for underprivileged special children, based in K.K.Nagar will be available at the venue. Entry for children below 16 will be free.

WOMEN'S FEST at Green Park

WOMEN'S FEST at Green Park

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